Suoraan sisältöön

There is a disc golf course in Sulkava, in the area surrounding the sports hall. The starting point is next to Etelävintti (on the sports hall side) here. The course has two tracks and the length is about 2,000m. The ideal number of throws for an 18 hole course is 36 throws.

  1. The object of the game is to get the disc from the tee area to the target basket with the lowest number of total throws.
  2. After the opening throw, the player who is furthest away from the target continues first. The next throw is done from the spot where the previous throw landed. Players throw as many times as needed until the disc reaches the target basket.
  3. After the disc is released from the players’ hand when throwing, the player may cross over the front of the tee. A throw performed from 10 meters away or closer, is called a putt. You must not overstep it.
  4. The course is considered finished when the disc has landed in the target basket.
  5. The winner will be the player who finishes the course with the lowest number of total throws.
  6. Disc golf is a spirit sport – the main goal is to have fun!

You can find advice and instructions on disc golfing here.

Playing is free of charge. You may rent discs at the library, adress Etelätuvantie 1, 58700 Sulkava.

Fitness paths are located in the vicinity of the population centre. Near the sports field, there is a jogging track of 1.4km, and in Kukkomäki there is a fitness path of 5km.