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Building Control and Permits

Environmental Director/Building Inspector
Janne Hämäläinen
Tel. +358 (0)50 597 5408

Environmental Secretary
Sari Lönnberg
Tel. +358 (0)44 417 5231

The task of the public building control is to support and promote good building practises, as well as the creation and maintenance of a good environment and environmental image. It also supervises the implementation of the constructed environment during construction and maintenance. In addition, it provides free and impartial general guidance related to building.

You must apply for a building permit to all residential, holiday, commercial and production buildings and utility buildings that are over 25m² in the planned area. Alteration, renovation and extension measures of the intended use of a building are subject to permit. Permits are handled online via the Lupapiste service.
Project notification is required for shelters and car ports, sheds that are under 25m² or other similar constructions. The notification must include plot plans, floor plans, elevation plans and cross-sectional plans submitted as attachments. The notifications must be submitted on paper to the building control office. You can find the application on the Lomakkeet tab (Applications), and in the building control office, on the 3rd floor of the municipal government office. Further details regarding building and permits are found in the municipal building ordinance.

Please note that the building control officials are not always present at the office during the opening hours of the municipal government office. Please make the appropriate reservations for office visits and building inspections in good time from the building inspector!

Do you need help with your building project? The contact information for businesses offering services in the area are found in the service directory.