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Municipal daycare and preschool education fall under early childhood education. Morning and afternoon activities for pupils falls under the school’s supervision.

Early childhood education and care, ECEC, means a framework consisting of systematic and goal-oriented upbringing, teaching and care of a child, with particular emphasis on pedagogy. A child has a right to early childhood education, from the end of parental leave until starting school. The parents carry the primary responsibility for their child’s upbringing. The main task of ECEC is to support the parents in their parenthood and the upbringing of the child. Learning through play is essential.

The ECEC is guided by the National Core Curriculum for ECEC and Sulkava municipality’s ECEC plan based on it.

Each child will have a personal ECEC plan created for them in cooperation with the child’s caretakers. A daycare agreement is made for the care and education of each child, where the times of care and other matters related to practical care situations are agreed upon.

Person responsible for early childhood education and care

Daycare Director
Mariannika Auvinen
Tel. +358 (0)44 417 5320
E-mail: mariannika.auvinen(a)