Suoraan sisältöön


  • Lit, 5km
  • Tiittala 1.2km
  • Härkävuori 2.5km

Sports hall

  • Saarilampi 15km

Sports field fitness track

  • Lit, 1.4 km


  • Lit, 1.4 km


Skiing tracks follow the routes of the fitness paths wherever possible. In the following links, you will find a map of the skiing tracks, and the up-to-date maintenance status of the skiing tracks.

Skiing tracks in the town centre
Skiing tracks in other areas and their up-to-date maintenance status

If you cannot open the link to the Skiing tracks in other areas and their up-to-date maintenance status, we recommend updating to the newest version of Java. Your browser may also ask for a confirmation for activating Java.

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