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Citizen Services – easily accessible and functioning customer service

What are Citizen Services?

Citizen Services offer public administration officials’ services in a centralized, one stop shop model. The co-operation of municipal and state service providers guarantees diverse services of high quality, and ensures they are available both in sparsely populated areas and in population centres – near the customer. Citizen Services are a statutory service, and the operational model of Citizen Services is based on the need of the one requiring the services, the customer.

At its best, a Citizen Office is a “One Stop Shop” where residents get service in all essential matters related to public administration.

At the One Stop Shop, you will receive information, consultation, and guidance. You may also hand over and receive documents, and initiate various proceedings related to public administration. At the One Stop Shop, you can use the eServices independently or with the guidance of a service adviser. At the One Stop Shop, you may also connect remotely to specialists working for various public authorities.

From a Citizen Services to Citizen Office and One Stop Shops

As the Citizen Services Act was amended, the older Citizen Service points were changed into One Stop Shops, at the same time getting a new fresh and uniform visual look, as well as their new national identifier, the key symbol.

In Sulkava, the One Stop Shop is situated in a central location in the second floor of the municipal government office.

Our One Stop Shop provides the services of Kela (Social Insurance Institution), Police, Public employment and business services, Tax Administration, Local Register Offices, and Legal Aid Office.

There are 2 customer terminals with Internet connection in the lobby of the One Stop Shop, freely available for customers. When necessary, the service adviser guides the customer in the use of the electronic services. Printouts of public administration documents are free of charge, but for other printouts we will charge a fee valid at the time.

The One Stop Shop has a separate remote service room that enables the use of certain specialist services via a remote connection.

There is unobstructed access to the One Stop Shop; there are automatic sliding doors, and parking places for the disabled behind the office building, near the service point. There is also a lift in the municipal government office, and bathroom facilities for customers/the disabled in the lobby.