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Welcome to Sulkava sports hall!

Sulkava sports hall offers facilities for a variety of indoor sports.

Admission to the sports hall and the gym with a key card.

The library oversees the assignment and activation of the key cards, and reservations for the hall facilities.
The sports hall is located in the immediate vicinity of the library.
The library also lends sports equipment, such as floor ball sticks, Nordic walking poles, tennis and badminton rackets and balls, as well as snowshoes with poles!

Key cards are sold at the library for 4€/visit, and at the kiosk Alanteen Helmi (Alanteentie 17) for 5€/visit.
Return the key card after use in the assigned locked mailbox in the sports hall.

Inquiries and reservations for regular court time bookings are done at Sulkava library!

Sports hall address: Etelätuvantie 4.

The municipality provides transportation to this location. Underaged children will require an adult supervisor with them.