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TE-services for Ukrainian citizens in South Savo

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People fleeing from Ukraine can apply for temporary protection when arriving to Finland. The process of getting the residence permit is faster than when applying for asylum. The residence permit allows working and studying. It also allows receiving service for employment and entrepreneurship.

During recent weeks there has been several groups of Ukrainian citizens coming to South Savo. The whole process starts with applying temporary protection in the police and getting the services in the reception centre. After receiving the permit, you can look for work independently.  Or you can register as a jobseeker at the TE Office and receive employment services.

TE-services for you coming from Ukraine

The TE-office draws up an integration plan with you, the client. The plan includes your education and work history, your competences, needs for service and career goals. Finnish language is included in the integration process. You can study Finnish on the spot, online and in the workplace. In addition, you can benefit from

  • job mediation,
  • competence mapping,
  • the evaluation of entrepreneur skills,
  • career guidance,
  • workforce training and
  • work trial or work with pay subsidy.

Finland offers versatile work opportunities to you coming from Ukraine

Ukrainians who come to Finland have relatively high level of education and many of them have language skills in English and Russian. Several enterprises in South Savo have expressed interest in hiring Ukrainian workforce. In Finland there are plenty of job opportunities in many branches. Seasonal work is also one possibility.

South Savo Employment and Economic Development Office will be providing employment services together with reception centre and the employment trials.

Companies can inquire our telephone service more information about hiring Ukrainian workforce

Companies can inquire our telephone service information about hiring Ukrainian workforce. Our phone number is 0295 044 020 Mon-Fri 9.00–16.15, eves on weekday holiday 9.00–15.