Suoraan sisältöön

Statutory employment services still belong to TE Office.

From the beginning of 2018, some of the employment services were transferred to the municipality of Sulkava. The municipality obligations include rehabilitating work activities, employment services, job coaching, and pay subsidy work coordination. The basis of the activity is to provide client-oriented and personal service near the clients. The municipality serves both individual clients and companies. All the unemployed in Sulkava will get service through this venue, if they so wish and need.

Individual clients get help in

  • looking for job openings
  • updating their plan for job hunting
  • finding information in training related options
  • charting out their occupational skills
  • other matters related to employment
  • getting job coaching, if necessary

Services for employers

  • finding employees
  • targeted employee search at TE Office
  • information about various support opportunities in employing people
    pay subsidy work try-out, apprenticeship training
  • we help with dealing with the official matters, for example,
    pay subsidy application
  • transferring a municipality’s pay subsidy worker to a company
  • if necessary, providing job coach’s help for training and familiarizing
    the new employee in their new work tasks

Contact information:

Jaana Uotinen
tel. 044 417 5209

Work Coach
Leena Sinkkonen
tel. 044 417 5211

Work Planner
Erkka Repo
tel. 044 417 5204