Businesses in Sulkava

Sulkava has an active community of entrepreneurs!

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Sulkava businesses divided into categories:
Agriculture and forestry 21.1%
Processing 17.9%
Services 59.3%
Other 1.7%

Industrial jobs are divided into graphical, metal, and prefabricated concrete industries.
Construction of wooden boats employs several Sulkava residents.

Chairman of the board of Sulkavan Yrittäjät ry (Association for entrepreneurs in Sulkava) is Juha Reponen, tel. +358 (0)40 7264 619, e-mail:


Municipal support for entrepreneurs

The economic development division supports the maintenance of the entrepreneurs’ professional skills, e.g. by compensating for a part of the participation fees of entrepreneurs’ training seminars.

It also supports the employment of young people by paying a small compensation to the entrepreneurs for employing youth in the summer.