Sulkava municipality’s boat rental berths are located at the harbour and near the intersection of Aapintie and Alanteentie.
Ask about free berths:
Maisa Kokki
Tel. 044 417 5213

Berth application  (word)
Berth application  (pdf)

Alanteentie pier for small boats, map link
Harbour pier for larger boats, map link

Boating Services

Veneilykeskus Kulkemus, 61o47,1′ , 28o22,9′ tel. +358 (0)400 428641, 45 guest berths, septic tank emptying point, showers & sauna, cafeteria-restaurant (A), pizzeria, fuel distribution, water refill. Address: Alanteentie 9

Town centre visitor harbour, 61o47,3′, 28o22,6′ (bridge clearance 2.5m)

Lohilahti guest harbour 61o36,6′, 28o41,7′, tel. 015-673171, 6 buoy spots, Neste petrol station, groceries, medicine cabinet, cafeteria-restaurant Majakka (A)

Linnavuori excursion harbour 61o45,2′, 28o19,3′, 6 berths, barbecue spot, outhouse
Boat Ramps

Boat Ramps

Town centre:
Harbour, adjacent to Veneilykeskus Kulkemus, construction material: concrete
Alinanniemi area, address: Alanteentie 17, slight incline, construction material: concrete (for rowing boats)
Alanteentie 23, construction material: concrete
Lohilahti centre, Lohilahdentie 1875, base: sand
Other areas:
Vekara, Lohilahdentie 6 (the ferry’s Lohilahti side shore), construction material: concrete (NOTE! Due to bridge construction work this boat ramp is not in use in the summer of 2019)
Hakovirta, Saarentie 444, (under the bridge, on the northern shore), construction material: concrete

Boat hotels/winter storage for boats

Hannu Huiskonen
Tel. +358 (0)400 183 065
Hannu Forss
Tel. +358 (0)500 379 286

Boat Rentals

Church boats:
Sulkava Rowing Race
Sulkavan Vene Oy